Hello World! A bit of background…

Welcome to the Dreamfield’s portal. My Netherlands-based psytrance project Dreamfield Beats is about reaching out and introducing the powerful genre of psychedelic trance in all its many facets to the people of the world. The first experience I had with the psy-scene and music goes back to Africa in the early 00’s. Trance parties where happening in the most far-out exotic locations of South-Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe and were attended by psy-heads from all over the world. But is was during the 2002 Solipse solar eclipse festival near the Kruger park where I saw artists from the likes of Dj Tristan, Cosmosis, Pleidians, Dino Psaras, Simon Posford and others rock the African bushlands in a way I had never seen or heard before. This video shows what was the opening of that 7-day festival.

It was the excitement and energy that was collectively build up by all those people coming to celebrate and that it all came together as the moon eclipsed the sun in one big crescendo of joy and wonder. This was far more than just a disco in the forest, for many it turned out as an initiation. It was then that transformative potential of the music revealed itself to me and since that day the music has been a deeply rooted part of my life.

Now, years later I’m back in the Netherlands and I am so pleased to see that the Psychedelic Trance culture has spread to this area of Europe as well. With festivals such Space Safari and Psy-Fi taking the lead in bringing all that the international trance community has to offer to us. The festivals have evolved in such a beautiful way embracing far more than just the music but expanding into all areas of life in terms of art, food, crafts, spiritual and lifestyle teachings to us. With positive transformation as the goal many people who visit the festivals quickly
I hope you enjoy the music. May it brighten your journey colorfully and lift your soul a little more each time .